Watt on Earth 1991

Watt on Earth is a children's television programme that ran for two 12-episode series, shown as part of Children's BBC. It was written by the Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker.

Carland Cross

Carland Cross was an 1996 hardboiled animated television series developed with the collaboration of Belgian, French and Canadian broadcasters. The series spanned 26 episodes and was based on the comics The Adventures of Carland Cross, by Belgian natives Olivier Grenson and Michel Oleffe. Carland Cross tells the story of a fictional British private investigator specializing in curious and inexplicable cases. The series aired late 1996 under the French-language title Carland Coss and in other markets, such as Spanish, as Las aventuras de Carland Cross. Of the 26 episodes, only 3 stories of the original print comic were used: 'The Golem', 'The Monster Under Sea', and 'The Mysteries of The Loch Ness'. Although the television series remains unknown in international television, the animated television series was a success in the late 1990s to early 2000s in European countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. However, it was also popular in South America, and especially in Argentina. Currently the series is only aired on Belgium and Swiss broadcasts.

Kaya ng Powers

Kaya ng Powers was a weekly fantasy/situational comedy television program that was produced by GMA Network, starring Rhian Ramos, Sheena Halili, Elmo Magalona, Joey Marquez and Rufa Mae Quinto.


Lastikman is an action, dramedy fantaserye based on Mars Ravelo's comic book character bearing the same name. The show initially aired on ABS-CBN on September 24, 2007. Vhong Navarro played the title role. The story follows Miguel who transforms into a superhero who came from another planet. His love interest was named Yellena White.

Tasya Fantasya

Tasya Fantasya is an fantasy-romance Philippine drama produced by GMA Network starring Yasmien Kurdi . Yasmien reprises Kris Aquino's role in 1994 "Tasya Fantasya" film. The series began airing April 6, 2008 replacing Kapuso Sine Specials.

Joaquin Bordado

Joaquin Bordado is a Philippine drama-action series produced by GMA Network. It is a television adaptation of a famous comics serial of Carlo J. Caparas. It features Robin Padilla in the title role, with Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion and Eddie Garcia. The series premiered February 11, 2008 and concluded on July 11, 2008.

Robin et Stella

Robin et Stella was a youth TV show aired on Radio-Qu├ębec from 1988 to 1992 featuring France Chevrette as Robin and Lorraine Auger as Stella. The main plot was split into stories which lasted 3 episodes. Robin et Stella was aired 3 times a week.


Earthfasts is a BBC children's drama series based upon the 1966 book of the same title by William Mayne. It was filmed on location in Richmond and Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, and was aired in 1994.

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is a 1992 Australian mini series about a family who discover their house is a portal to the after life. It was shot from 1 July to 2 August 1991.