Five Days in May 1997

A young soldier enters a conflict with his superiors and because he does not get the exit for the May Day holidays, he decides to escape. The escape of the weapon is a serious offense, and because there are no routes back to the barracks, the fate of the violence that leads to a bloody bribe begins to unfold. The story goes back to the time of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

Red Aces 1930

A gambler frames a banker for killing the man whose name he forged.

Red Pearls 1930

A Japanese merchant attempts to drive one of his rivals mad by impersonating a man he had once murdered.

The Ringer 1931

Scotland Yard detectives hunt for a dangerous criminal who has recently returned to England.

Inquest 1931

A widow enlists the support of a King's Counsel to help clear herself of the accusation she had murdered her husband by a suspicious coroner

Blood-Red Water in the Channel 1961

Nikkatsu finally responds to Suzuki's growing discontentment by giving him a bigger budget and a better script. This episodic collection of "real coast guard action stories" was the perfect vehicle for Koji Wada. Whatever negative press he had received for Tokyo Knights was quickly forgotten. He became the new "teen star." And Suzuki: "the director to watch."

Kagerô 2 1996

An entertainment drama depicting the conflict of yakuza, centering on the female torso and her sister's feud.

Kagerô 3 1997

The third series of action series depicting the success of a woman torpedo who was caught in two groups of conflicts at a small port town in the Seto Inland Sea.