Depth Study 1957

Three archaeologists learn about the impact television, especially the CBS network, had on postwar America.

Rayman: The Animated Series 1999

Fleeing the terrible Rigatoni, Rayman and his friends find refuge in the mysterious metropolis of Aéropolis. The charming Betina, Cookie the rascal, the strange LacMac and the little Flips accompany Rayman in this crazy adventure: will they escape the clutches of Inspector Grub that Rigatoni has launched at their heels?

To See or Not to See 1969

A scientist develops an unusual pair of eyeglasses which allows the wearer's mind to see things objectively rather than the usual subjective manner.

Hänschens Soldaten 1912

A young boy in a sailor suit plays with three dolls, representing German soldiers. He slowly nods off and in his dreams they come alive.

Mouse Trappers 1941

When Andy Panda's father brags about what a great hunter he is to Andy, Andy's mother immediately challenges her husband to get rid of a mouse in their home. Andy's father tries all kinds of traps and even brings in a cat. But the cat turns out to be an old friend of the mouse's, and none of the traps work. Finally, Andy's father takes more drastic measures.

Galathea 1935

Pioneer of silhouette animation, Lotte Reiniger, uses this technique in a retelling of the Greek legend in which the sculptor, Pygmalion, brings a statue to life.

Attack of the Hungry Hungry Nipples 1997

Attack of the Hungry, Hungry Nipples features exactly what the title implies, two absurd creatures who absurdly challenge the Richard Nixon Bat by repeatedly screaming the absurd phrase, "You suck someting."

The Bird Who Came to Dinner 1961

Dowager steps out to purchase a toy for her son. Woody Woodpecker, peering around the corner of the building, pictures a luxurious future in a home as she would have to offer, so he quickly steps out and imitates the walking toy.

A Lad in Bagdad 1968

While visiting in Baghdad, Woody runs into a a crooked Magic Lamp salesman. The salesman sells a Woody one of his many lamps, but it turns out that this one really is magic & the salesman tries to get it back.

The Hobo Hero 1935

Piccolo Pete saves a dog from an oncoming train and is taken home by Tillie Twitch in this rotoscoped cartoon from the 1930s.

Morphing of the Telephone 1997

A number of telephones from the very first invention by Alexander Graham Bell to the present-day cellular and voice phones are morphed in an inventive choreographic video.

In the Land of Nod 1908

Children play with their toys while Grandpa dozes. He dreams that the doll's house catches fire and the toys rush to put out the flames. He awakens to find the children squirting him with water.

The Hurvinek Circus 1955

Hurvinek cannot go to a circus because he injured himself when sliding down the stair rail. He daydreams that he is an acrobat riding a scooter and an animal-trainer taming beasts. (MUBI)