Generosity 1988

The dreamy images map the basic phases of human life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle

Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle 1970

Whilst hiding out in a house after escaping from being chased by the Aardvark, the Ant discovers a bottle of "Vitamins for Strength"; and after eating a couple of them, becomes ten times stronger than he used to be- much to the Aardvark's displeasure!

Rough Brunch

Rough Brunch 1971

The Aardvark chases The Ant, but this time The Ant has found a new pal in a termite.

Hop and Chop

Hop and Chop 1970

Pancho and El Toro meet a friendly, singing Japanese beetle...the only one in Japan with a black belt in Karate. Toro tries to catch him for his supper, but is only given repeat lessons in the martial art.

Mud Squad

Mud Squad 1971

All is peaceful on the pond till Toro sends Pancho out to bring back lunch. Pancho finds some alligator eggs, and he brings just one back. Our Tijuana Toads heroes' choice backfires when an angry mother comes looking for the egg. By then, little Georgie is hatched. Georgie has a great appetite, and he will eat anything in sight... especially frogs. Georgie's mother helps him with his lunch.

Apache on the County Seat

Apache on the County Seat 1973

Hoot is ordered to bring in the Indian Jolly Red Giant for not paying his fine for overpopulating his Indian tribe. Hoot Kloot and Fester makes it to the tribe, but there is no Red Giant around. Hoot inspects the tribe for clues, but the Indians starts shooting arrows. Hoot finds Jolly Red Giant in the desert, but Hoot has hard time making him come, since he's giant...

Gold Struck

Gold Struck 1974

Everyone chickened out delivering bags of gold to Virginia City because to get there, you have to get past the Bad Land. Hoot decides to deliver it himself to the city. Hoot managed to get past the Bad Lands to a ghost town so Hoot decides to spend the night in the hotel, where a mischievous vampire trying to get the hands on the gold.

The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl 1971

A little girl tries to sell matches on a cold December night with no luck. To keep from freezing she lights one match and sees a wondrous vision...

Papa Mama Bye Bye

Papa Mama Bye Bye 1984

Dungaree-wearing teenage tomboy Kaori lives next door to the brothers Ko and Yasu. One day as Kaori is walking to school, a US jet crashes near the boys' house. Based on the real life 1977 Yokohama F-4 crash incident.

Newtonian I

Newtonian I 1978

An illusion of 3 dimensions is achieved by a blending of mathematics and physics to carry the spectator through a new range of audio and visual dynamics.


Britannia 1993

The history of empire. A British bulldog answers his mistress's call. He tacks down the Union Jack to cover the British Isles, then begins playing with a small ball that's the world. At first it's innocent play. The dog discovers tea in India; then, the dog shakes gold out of Africa. Gradually, innocence gives way to more and more ferocious play with the ball. We see terrorized women and children as the dog becomes an enslaving potentate. Harmless English archetypes benefit from colonial riches. Then the world begins to grow, and the dog changes too, from bulldog to effete lap dog.