Super Christian 1980

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's--Super Christian? Clark Kant is a mild-mannered Christian teenager with a super secret. Through light-hearted humor, the Super Christian series sets out to teach us something about Christian growth. In the first installment [sic] of Super Christian, we find that Clark Kant lives in two different worlds. During the week, Clark follows the standards of the world. "Why not?" he asks himself. "Isn't everybody doing it?" But on Sunday, in his Super Christian Best, Clark presents quite a different image. Then Clark learns through a friend that the Christian faith is for every day of the week, not just for Sundays. (from:

Modern School 1909

The great men of letters and military conquest pose on subsequent pages of a very special history book.

Waar de vogeltjes hoesten 1974

The strange story of a flower girl and a scarecrow who fall in love, move to the big city and become the victims of their own greed.

Born of the Wind 1964

A tender and realistic story of a scientist who falls in love with a mummy he has restored to life. (from:

Adventure in Telezonia 1950

A boy's dog has run off and, with the help of unfortunately named marionette Handy, the kid learns to use a telephone to find him. “Adventure in Telezonia” was part of an educational package distributed in grade schools for kids to learn proper telephone usage. More information, and the full film, at

Madonna, Snake Woman 1991

Merlinda is cursed by her Mother after leaving her father on his death bed to be with her rich lover. Abandoned by all she is now pregnant, destitute, and covered in boils. Merlinda gives birth in a Cave to a human daughter and a snake son. The Baby girl is named Madonna. When Madonna grows up she starts turning into a giant murderous snake. Afraid of losing her lover to the monster she is becoming, Modonna is desperate for answers. Together she and her brother she seek out a cure to their damned existence.

Land of Hypocrisy 1968

A man who is struggling with life's daily problems , especially his troublesome wife , accidently runs into a man who makes bills that change human behavior and his life changes.

Emergencies 1989

An ambulance heads towards the "crossroads of the crow's feet" in response to an accident. Unable to find the place, the driver stops at an intersection to ask for directions from a dull-eared local.

Bride of the Nile 1963

When an oil engineer starts digging for oil in Luxor he disturbs the spirits of ancient Egyptians buried there. A spirit, Last Bride of the Nile, is sent to get him to stop the drilling.

Fairy, Ghost, Vixen 1965

FAIRY, GHOST, VIXEN (1965) consists of three fanciful tales that may be loosely classified as ghost stories, but they're presented and designed more along the lines of traditional fairy tales. They're beautifully staged and photographed and have a timeless quality about them with a moral at the end of each.

The World of Hammer: Wicked Women 1994

The wicked women of Hammer included such cult stars and screen legends as Bette Davis, Ingrid Pitt, Joan Fontaine, Martine Beswick, Tallulah Bankhead, Lizabeth Scott and more. This is nothing more than assembled clips from various Hammer productions narrated by Oliver Reed. It aired on Channel 4 in the UK in 1994 before select episodes were released on VHS.

The World of Hammer: Vamp 1994

Through the years, Hammer's depiction of female vampires was consistently groundbreaking and always controversial, exploring the fine line between forbidden desire and the curse of the undead. This TV production contains only recycled clips with the only new addition being narration from Oliver Reed.