Terceiro Milênio

Terceiro Milênio 1981

August, 1980. Evandro Carreira, a Brazilian senator leaves his party's office in Manaus to visit his constituents in the state of Amazonas. Interviews with farmhands, loggers, explorer Paulo Lucena, Brazilian and Peruvian Indians and a representative of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) were recorded from the city of Benjamin Constant to the village of Cavalo Cocho. A visit to the indigenous village of the Ticunas and the lands of the Maiuruna people culminate with an interview and the actions of José Francisco da Cruz, a member of the Order of the Holy Cross. Throughout the trip, the economic potential of the Amazon and its problems (corruption in the indigenous policies and the pollution produced by factories) are shown.

Megan and Dan

Megan and Dan

Dan is a fun-loving 30-year-old, who's avoiding adulthood despite his affection for his serious girlfriend. Megan is a precocious 9-year-old who's obsessed with a hot new pop star. When chance, aided by Dan being intoxicated, brings these two strangers together, Megan seizes the opportunity and blackmails Dan in to driving her to meet her pop idol at a local radio event...and we are in for a wild, hilarious and ultimately touching ride.

Men Don't Cry

Men Don't Cry 1979

The holidays began and Pepík Janousek is playing with his friend Hadraba, whose nickname is Sun. Sun has to baby-sit his small brother in a pram and envies Pepík his nice adoptive parents because his own father beats him often. Pepík is happy - he will have soon the same surname Marek as his father and mother. Pepík is shocked when Sun tells him that Mrs Marková is pregnant. He falls from a height and ends up in hospital. Despite of all expressed love and care Pepík is afraid that the Mareks will no longer want him.



A girl tragically consumes a full vial of LSD and quickly succumbs to a bizarre fantasy world, with strange beings and a magical obelisk that might be her portal home.

The Blade and the Silk

The Blade and the Silk 1987

In a meeting in Thailand, it is decided that twenty tons of heroin to be smuggled to Iran and to be pushed in schools, universities, and even the frontline. While the shipment is being moved on Iranian roads, a detective is killed in Tehran. His successor tries to find the shipment with the help from an addicted inmate and his fiancée.


Sammy 1977

Delightful story of a young boy whose playful nature and love for animals spark zany incidents and a dangerous adventure. A small boy, crippled since birth, helps his family find faith through his gentle spirit.

Day of the Survivalist

Day of the Survivalist 1986

Vietnam vet leaves the ugly congestion of Los Angeles and moves north to the "paradise" of rural Oregon. He is soon befriended by a group of hardcore paramilitary survivalists, who try to bring him into their circle of righteous Armageddon-ready warriors. Put off by their extreme views, he refuses their offer and, now knowing too much, becomes the target of their aggression... fighting to survive against the odds in the wilderness.

The Magnificent Guardian

The Magnificent Guardian 1991

In the snowy Himalayan regions a little girl named Sasha befriends a Yeti. When the news comes out through media, goons plan to kidnap the Yeti and take him out of the country to earn more money.

Upside Down

Upside Down 1976

Adults are so fed up with disobedient children, they left them and went off camping. All of them. First, the children were happy - now you can do anything, no washing, dance all night and no school! But then they run out of food, nothing to eat, cook for the children themselves can not and do not know how, and there's no one to treat them when the stomach aches or headache, or when you fall off your bike. At the end the kids decide to send a kite to the parents, with a request to forgive them.

Our Forest Moon

Our Forest Moon

Colombian teenagers study the traditional art of bullfighting in the sleepy town of Choachi. They live and train in an oasis of teen aged camaraderie and dreams for the future. But when bullfighting becomes banned in Bogota, the boys' sanctuary slowly becomes susceptible to society's larger struggles of class and conflict. Inspired by the watchful eye of retired bullfighter Nicolas, the bullfighting students strive to succeed first as Matadors, then as role models themselves. Interpreting bullfighting as a living metaphor for personal, social and historical struggles, the film focuses on the individual experiences of these boys and their mentor as they try to break free of the bleak future being dictated to them by Colombian society.