Three Women of the North 1945

The story of an airport and its air traffic control crew in a remote and northern Japanese town. Three of the air traffic controllers are female with one of them (Hara, Setsuko) working with her dead fiance's sister. The engaged man had gone to war and never returned.

Farewell 1966

Spring, 1944. The Great Patriotic war. The German fascists are still in Sevastopol. A fierce combat is taking place there. At the same time in Yalta, which has already been freed, life goes on peacefully. People believe that the war has left them, that it is far away and no longer dangerous… But the torpedo motor-boat squadron stationed in Yalta is still having a hard time. Every day Soviet marines undertake dangerous sorties towards the German-occupied Sevastopol.

The Soldier 1966

A story of a boy, forced to grow mature before his time and to die too early because of the cruel war circumstances. This film is dedicated to all the children who have died during the National Liberation War.

The Old Man and the Enemy 1981

World War II. Italian fascists have interned in the South a lot of people who fought them on the 7th of April 1939 when they came to Albania. Among them, there's an old man whom they call "Daja" (uncle), who fought along with the youth.

The Struggle 1961

Devoted to the heroes who fought for their homeland’s freedom in the 1947 Indonesian war of liberation.

On the Mountain of Konjuh 1966

An exciting story of Husine coalminers who formed a partisan batch and put up an armed resistance during WW2 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Fifth Ambush 1968

A partisan battalion falls into enemy trap more than once, which makes them suspect it's about treason. Their commissar and commander move the unit in a remote settlement in order to discover the enemy agent. This draws a lot of suspicion and distrust within the unit, and finally it was the head of the battalion who was charged as guilty, and executed. However, was he the real intruder? The commissar and the commander take the battalion to a new battle without definitive knowledge of the whole present situation.