Jethro Tull - Live at the Capital Centre

Jethro Tull - Live at the Capital Centre 1977

Concert in 21/11/77 Capital Center Landover, Md. USA Live at the Capital Centre Landover, Maryland, United States (November 21, 1977) [01]. Wond'ring Aloud [02]. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day [03]. Jack-In-The-Green [04]. Thick As A Brick [05]. Songs From The Wood [06]. Instrumental/ Drum Solo Improvisation [07]. To Cry You A Song [08]. A New Day Yesterday [09]. Flute Solo Improvisation / God Rest Ye Gentlemen / Bouree [10]. Living In The Past / A New Day Yesterday (Reprise) [11]. Second Half Of The Concert - Opening [12]. Velvet Green [13]. Hunting Girl [14]. Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die [15]. Minstrel In The Gallery [16]. Cross-Eyed Mary [17]. Aqualung [18]. Instrumental Improvisation [19]. Wind-Up [20]. Back Door Angels / Guitar Improvisation / Wind Up (Reprise) [21]. Locomotive Breath [22]. Land Of Hope And Glory/ Improvisation / Back Door Angels (Reprise) Bonus Videos: [23]. Beethoven's Ninth [24]. The Whistler

Black Flag: TV Party Target Video

Black Flag: TV Party Target Video 1983

-TV Party -Rise Above -Thirsty & Miserable -Depression -American Waste -fan greeting in Bologna, Italy 1979 -Revenge (San Francisco 8-20-80) -Jealous Again (San Francisco 8-20-80) -Chuck (mock) interviews Dez & Henry -Rise Above (repeat)

Street Scene

Street Scene 1993

The opera takes place on the doorstep of a tenement on the East Side of Manhattan on two brutally hot days in 1946. The story focuses on two plotlines: the romance between Rose Maurrant and her neighbor Sam Kaplan; and on the extramarital affair of Rose's mother, Anna, which is eventually discovered by Rose's irritable father, Frank. The show portrays the ordinary romances, squabbles and gossips of the neighbors, as the mounting tensions involving the Maurrant family eventually build into a tragedy of epic proportions. Broadcast on BBC Two on New Years Day, 1993, this production was performed by the English National Opera and conducted by James Holmes.

General Gramophone

General Gramophone 1978

Halit Berati, a virtuoso clarinet player, is invited by the Italians to record his music, which is to be sold along Italian records.

Kiss: Live at the Houston Summit

Kiss: Live at the Houston Summit 1976

On August 13, 1976 a white-hot KISS came to Houston concert venue The Summit for just their third show in the area. The band at this point was blowing up after releasing the hit LP “Destroyer” and brought a pyrotechnic-heavy rock show with them to thrill fans. Opening with “Detroit Rock City” and closing with “Black Diamond.”

Scattering Crows

Scattering Crows

Live in Europe 2004 Release date April 2005 Live recordings from Bradford England April 6th 2004, and Malta July 31st 2004. DVD, catalogue number CFVPDVD9 01. The Rookie (Dick/Watson) 02. Moving Targets (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 03. Jungle Ride (Dick/Boult) 04. The Perception Of Johnny Punter (Dick/Wilson) 05. Numbers (Dick/Watson/Usher) 06. Zoo Class (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 07. Tiki 4 (Dick/Wesley/Young) 08. Cliché (Dick/Simmonds/Lindes) 09. Innocent Party (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 10. Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (Dick/Simmonds) 11. Raingods Dancing/Wake Up Call (Make It Happen) (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 12. Medley: (i) So Fellini (Dick/Wesley) (ii) Lucky (Dick/Simmonds/Boult) (iii) Internal Exile (Dick/Simmonds/Boult) (iv) Market Square Heroes (Dick/Rothery/Trewavas/Kelly/Pointer/Minnitt) (v) The Company (Dick/Simmonds) Extras: Interview footage shot backstage in Malta. Plus: Numbers, The Rookie, Tiki 4 and medley.

Led Zeppelin - The Songs remains the same

Led Zeppelin - The Songs remains the same 1976

Trackliste 1 Mob Rubout 2 Big Apple Credits 3 Country Life (Autumn Lake) 4 New York (Bron-Yr-Aur) 5 Rock & Roll 6 Black Dog 7 Since I've Been Loving You 8 No Quarter 9 Who's Responsible? 10 The Song Remains The Same 11 The Rain Song Begins 12 Fire And Sword 13 Capturing The Castle 14 Not-Quite-Backstage Pass 15 Dazed And Confused Begins 16 Strung Out 17 Magic In The Night 18 Dazed And Confused Continues 19 Gate Crasher 20 Dazed And Confused Concludes 21 No Comment 22 Stairway To Heaven 23 Moby Dick; Country Squire Bonham 24 Heartbreaker; Grand Theft 25 Whole Lotta Love 26 Exit Music (Stairway To Heaven)

Nine Inch Nails: Panorama NYC Festival, Randall’s Island Park, July 30 2017

Nine Inch Nails: Panorama NYC Festival, Randall’s Island Park, July 30 2017

Nine Inch Nails Panorama NYC Festival, Randall’s Island Park New York, NY, USA 2017-07-30 Lineage: Yahoo/Akamai HLS stream > TS chunks dump > concatenation > remux (MP4 container) Video: 1080p60 7.8 Mbps avg. AVC Audio: 128 Kbps 44.1 KHz stereo AAC audio Runtime: 1:26:06 Captured by: TheBang Tracklist: 01 Intro 02 Branches/Bones 03 Wish 04 Less Than 05 March of the Pigs 06 Something I Can Never Have 07 The Frail 08 The Wretched 09 Closer 10 Copy of A 11 Gave Up 12 I Can’t Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix) 13 The Lovers 14 Reptile 15 The Great Destroyer 16 Burning Bright (Field on Fire) 17 The Hand That Feeds 18 Head Like a Hole 19 Hurt Note: There were encoder glitches at the broadcast source that caused video and audio dropouts at: middle of The Wretched end of I Can't Give Everything Away beginning of TGD end of THTF very end of Hurt

The Temptation of Victoria

The Temptation of Victoria

Filmmaker Michael Shamberg, who directed a number of seminal music videos for New Order during their heyday, here revisits a classic New Order song with the help of singer Victoria Bergsman of Swedish band The Concretes. The story is elegantly simple: A woman goes record shopping, comes home, puts her new purchase on the turntable, and starts dancing to it. Titled The Temptation of Victoria, Shamberg's video did not make it on to New Order's official video retrospective DVD, making it a true rarity.


Tannhäuser 1982

A Romantic Opera in three acts live from the Metropolitan Opera.

Nachnewala Gaanewale

Nachnewala Gaanewale 1991

Jaggu and Maggu are two friends who live together; sing and dance at weddings, anniversaries, births, and parties for a living. Jaggu has a son named Chander, while Maggu has a daughter named Kamla. They decide to get the children married, and formalize their marriage when they are adults.

La Clemenza Di Tito

La Clemenza Di Tito 1991

Mozart's La Clemenza Di Tito was originally commissioned to celebrate the coronation of the Emperor Leopold II as King of Bohemia in 1791. This rarely-seen masterpiece was Mozart's last opera. Nicholas Hytner's elegant staging for the Glyndebourne Festival Opera sheds new light on the compelling story of passion that overrides loyalty and integrity that is tested to the extreme.